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That caviar you're eating was smuggled, sweating in suitcases, hidden in hotel rooms before being scooped and salted into little jars for your pleasure.


C Train

Waited for the C train, it took me down town
I bought some guitar strings, a couple other little things
Had breakfast at the coffee shop, eggs were cold the waitress was hot
A fat tip for her skinny ass, you pay now for the things that pass
Went to the record store spent some money spent some more
$20 before I left my door, New York City aint a friend to the poor

It’s all just things to do and deep down we know it
Take your money throw it out the window
Let the new York City wind
Just blow it away

I aint got a T.V. I aint even got a radio
I read it in a magazine while my second cup of coffee was going down slow
There are people cutting babies from the belly of a dinosaur
They clean and salt and pack and jar leave history bleeding
On the fishing boat floor
And we all need longer arms
We keep reaching for something better
Everybody knows the grass is greener yeah, whatever

It’s all just things to do and deep down we know it
Take your dream throw it out the window
Let the New York City wind
Just blow it away

Big City wind blow my dreams
New York City I’m giving in
I’m feeling alive and your skies
Are big enough to hold all of the stars
That fell from my eyes
Turn ‘em back on and make them shine

Waiting for the C train, to take me home again
Construction on the underground ive got to catch the D
And take the long way round
But it’s all just things to do so I guess it don’t matter
If I get home by 2 O’clock or if I get home by 20 after

Take your dream throw it out the window
Let the big City wind
Just blow it away


from A Place Where The Rain Don't Even Fall, released August 30, 2016



all rights reserved


Warren Malone New York, New York

"Warren Malone has created an absolutely amazing album.“And The Ants Ate The Bee” never sounds the same twice/absolutely spellbinding/each listen feels fresh and different/The album is like a audio kaleidoscope/And then there’s that voice…an entirely unique instrument that sounds like a slightly androgynous soul singer/this album deserves repeated spins."
Andy Miller/
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