by Warren Malone

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Yesterday I woke to the sound of Jackhammers in the middle of a Covid-19 lockdown, and was inspired to write the first poem on this album.
I woke today to the sound of sirens which is the new and almost normal soundtrack of the city now, and decided to spend the day making an album of words unsung. I was informed by my wife while in the middle of this project that April was actually poetry month (who Knew?).
Anyway my son lent me some of his grooves andi for better or for worse I made this - an album that's a bit talky.
Thanks for looking.


released April 19, 2020

Photo by Mulography


all rights reserved



Warren Malone New York, New York

"Warren Malone has created an absolutely amazing album.“And The Ants Ate The Bee” never sounds the same twice/absolutely spellbinding/each listen feels fresh and different/The album is like a audio kaleidoscope/And then there’s that voice…an entirely unique instrument that sounds like a slightly androgynous soul singer/this album deserves repeated spins."
Andy Miller/
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Track Name: Digging Graves In The Street
4 blocks from the hospital
2 Blocks from the park
Can’t hear the sirens
For the jackhammers digging up the side walk
They’re digging graves on Broadway
They’re digging graves on Amsterdam
Because The park is overflowing
Whatcha think of that Michigan?

You can’t get your nails done
Or your mullet trimmed and bleached
Nothings open for such necessities
In the city that never sleeps
But the night sky is still flashing
It’s flashing Red it’s flashing blue
It’s a bumpy ride On the upper west side
Just pray that hole is not for you

Michigan Oh Michigan
Stand proud with your maga hats on
Michigan oh Michigan
Stand proud with your semi automatic guns
You already fired of your first round
The moment you open you mouth to preach
But just ask the guys working outside
It’s no fun digging graves in the street
Track Name: Old Subway Tokens
I came to you broken
My heart was just an old subway token
And the turnstiles don’t work that way anymore
I guess you get what you pay for
And I got a broken heart
Can’t we just decide on Happiness?
I know I’m ready
I want to run back in time laughing
Chase the N Judah along those inner sunset tracks
I want to vacation 10 blocks from home
Can’t we just promise to be kinder to each other?
Kinder than we’ve ever been
Lets give these kids a chance to dance
Is it possible to re-inflate those old balloons?
God I’m so alone
I’m so Lonely
I tried counting this mornings tears
But it was just a stream of salt water and snot.
Shaking, shuddering in another room
Trying to keep the volume down
It turns out there are many private hours
To be sad and regretful
Who knew that most of the morning is made up of darkness?
Lost beside you, I resolve to climbing into my clothes
And ride my bike by the river 10 miles
As the sun revealed New Jersey
And then kicking off my boots
I lay back in our bed
As close as I dared but still distant
I just stared and stared and then closed my eyes
But sleep would not come
So with coffee I’m committing to this new day
While everyone but Chocolate (who wont stop whining)
Sleeps the morning away
Can we please choose happiness?
Perhaps for the first time since the day
We tricked each other into falling in love?
We were brand new once
And I just witnessed the sun climb out of the night.
Track Name: A Mouse In The House Of The Lord
There’s a mouse in the house of the Lord
Armed with a cheese grater and a bloody sword
Six legs, 3 eyes
He eats camembert he eats pussy cat pie
He’s got a seat at the head of the table
God just stood up and walked away
Shaking his head
Saying “how did it come to this?
The rats are going to be pissed
And who’s going to put the holes in the Swiss?
What a mess
How did it come to this?”
Track Name: 2020 census nonsenselist
The 2020 nonsenselist sits unfinished
Beside its prepaid if in the States
Envelope that is most definitely white
The skin or blood of anyone
Who doesn't fit tight - in the boxes just right
Are you Part of the mass or part the massacred?
A native tribe? There's a whole list of them
And White means just about anything
But it's unclear if it means Jew

Me, my father and grandfather
Would be in different boxes in the 2020 nonsenselist
Which line should i follow
My Irish, Asian or English?
But come on
that's an easy one
Ask any Irish American
Who’s never been back to the homeland
The rolling lilting greenlands
They define me by my accent
But the forget they were once Black
Or at best just Black turned inside out
That wasn’t in the pamphlet that was handed out
On the boat to Ellis island
I guess My blood
Took a different boat than the blood you cling to

Top of the whites in the 2020 nonsenselist
Is German, and get this
You are most definitely welcome
But here
Is the catch,
Not if you were caught
with a finger on the switch
Of the chamber in Auschwitz
Which apparently did not even exist
Just like the jews
Who are not on this nonsenselist
Just like Global warming
And Pandemics and unheeded warnings
Or the bodies in mass graves on Hart island
Which despite the late coming - of spring - are not yet cold

There's a box for Africans
And African Americans
Or blacks from wherever they’re from
Noone really cares or really knows?
Because you’re good, your safe
Remember you were once slaves
There will always be a cage
Waiting here for you
Are the true
American Dream
The great big black shiny
Money machine

Can you believe the Italians made the white cut?
I guess historys memory is pretty short
And Lebanese? Please?
Iranians? Jeez?
You couldn't make this shit up
Did anyone think to ask them what they thought?
This 2020 nonsenselist is so blatantly Racist
Here, get this
They just don't want the Mexicans and
There's no mention of jews

I Guess I'll mark myself as English
Make it easy for you to just dismiss
Any heritage any lineage
That you are so desperate to cling to
I've filled in the names and ages
But i still got 3 empty pages
Of white boxes
And i really haven't got a clue
I guess if my accent is English
Then my kids must be English
So how come my wife is still a jew?
Her kids are now English
Her husband is only English
She's got a pen in her hand
Oh my what's jewish girl to do?

But I almost forgot why I started this rant
Forgot what this 2020 nonsenselist is really about
No need to worry protest or shout
They don’t want any
Of us
We’re just similar
They just don’t want the Mexicans
The Hispanics or the Latin ones
They work way too hard
They have too much fun
But they’re small so you can fit
More of them in a pit
Of all of our shit
And pay them a pitance
To clean it all up

A white skinned red haired irish girl - English
A sallow skinned jewish asian boy- English
A sometimes brown in the summertime
Paler in the winter time jewish wife - Fuck it! English
Keep your head down
Forget you were once brown
Wouldn't life be easier in black and white?
Track Name: Shove (NO! I said LOVE!)
I did the math
I worked the numbers
The steps it would take
From the tiles at my back
To the train arriving on the track
Of course I’d have to be positioned
At the South wall of the downtown train
For optimal chance of more than just brain damage
I’d have to play it by ear
Abandon all fear
Run just about when I was sure it was near
Anyway, incase you’re interested
It’s 4 steps and a leap
Maybe just a tumble would get the job done
But 4 steps for sure.
Then again, Math has never been my strong point,
Maybe my wife can help me out
Numbers is where her world comes alive
sadly she’s always in my heart
but rarely by my side
And if i ask for what I truly truly want
I’m afraid she’d mishear me in the roar of the subways din
And the word SHOVE
Would be the word to do me in.
Track Name: Dr Trump PhD-ream
Me and my son who is 16 years old
Just happened to be listening to Neil Young
This very morning
And there was the warning
From what? 40, maybe 45 years ago
The needle and the damage done
And he was just talking about heroin
Not the really lethal shit
Household cleaners lysol, bleach
Whatever you've got - whatevers within reach
Just grab Whatever is under the kitchen sink

But the AIDs junkies in the 80s
already ran those tests
And God knows those tests were not the best
I guess HIV wasn't instantly lethal enough -
So they reached for real fast acting stuff
Kills over 99% of germs DEAD! And it's true
It said on the bottle
Its was on TV
But it never said it could cure HIV

Its past noon Now and i've caught up with the feed on my screen
Seems that Trump is now finally making good use of his PhD-ream
He's always been a fan of the the big big lights
And his uncle was smart so we will be alright
Don't worry America you can sleep tight tonight

The cure came to him right there on the podium
Live on TV we all saw him
He just open his trap and that was that
UV lights, needles, lysol and bleach
Who knew the solution was just within reach?

Fauci should had just consulted the housewife's handbook
Saved us all a few billion bucks
Come on, come on open it up,
Come on, let's take a look
No not that page that's for cleaning pans
And that page shows you how to hide your head in the sand
You thought for sure
The cure
For cancer would be right in front of you
Oh, it's probably in Volume 2

Anyway just turn on the big lights
Go lie in the sun
We've got needles to buy
There's much more damage to be done.
Track Name: Panic
Panic at the disco
Worst band name ever
And i have never not ever
Knowingly ever, heard the actual band
In fact i have banned the band from my ears
And i do not doubt
That you will judge freely
That that says more about me
Much more than all of the beer
Spilled on the floor of said disco
Post panic.
Although I’ve heard
They’re pretty good
Track Name: My Boys Heart
My boy is so small
But his heart is much bigger
Than even he will ever grow
He tried to help a grown woman with her bags
Up the stairs and out of the subway
She declined
But smiled
And her heart surely must have melted
He’s so sweet so pure
His heart is so much bigger than he could ever grow
Even if he stands 10 feet tall
He’ll be small under the shadow of his heart

My boy is so small
But his heart is so much bigger
Than even he could ever grow
He offered his soda, half empty
To a beggar, shoeless on the sidewalk
And then dug deep into his tiny pockets for change
And the saddest part of it all
Is that I hadn’t instinctively done the same
And ashamed, I gave a dollar
And my heart grew
But still withered in the shade
In the shadow made
By my boys heart
Track Name: Hang Down Your Head In Sorrow
Dylan Storm Roof
There's your living proof
He's your poster child your redneck racist killer
He's yours now forever
For worse, never better
His face and your flag flying high as one together
So if you hang down your head in sorrow
You'd better hang down your head in shame
Take down your flag to half staff
And then take it half way down again

God moves in mysterious ways
And God is all around us
But he didn't take no bullets in his own house
when he told that redneck where to find us
He's all seeing all knowing
There'll be new flowers growing
From 9 little boxes buried in a row
And the flag you fly high
Flies here forever below the ground
Where God is nowhere to be found

So if you hang down your head in sorrow
You'd better hang down your head in shame
Take down your flag to half staff
And then take it half way down again